“Hate your self thin? HECK NO!!!”

 This is a  foreign concept to many. It was…I repeat W.A.S. to me as well, but no longer. When we gain weight, we are angry…even good weight ie, muscle! When we lose weight even the weight that is helping us function (again muscle!!!) we are so happy because I may now look like a limp noodle with not definition, but HEY I LOST 4 pounds last week! This leads to a whole host of problems, and for me it lead to skinny fat, stress and mood swings. Why is it that we are taught to hate our bodies until the get to be that unrealistic “perfect” shape, body fat, or weight?

  “Go to bed hungry, don’t eat that food, you are too fat, you need to be skinny, why do I have love handles, I just cant stick to my diet”  These all sound like attacks on our self’s! Think here for a minute…if some one came up to a friend or family member and made these remarks, what would you do? I know I would be ready to stand up and say something, defending them! You see we are told to pretty much “hate our self’s thin.” We buy those diet books with good intentions, but two weeks in we lose all self control. We go back to even a worse place mentally and physically than we started.

I hate the word “DIET,” to me it means  Do It Every Two months….Well you get my point, it is not something people stay on, but they hate them self’s through it, until the end. A real way of eating is whole, pure, with an intuitive approach to eating, and loving ones self. Not an every two month deal where you starve/hate your self thin! I did that, trust me….no bueno!  Lets live healthy people! Love your self and listen to your body, it is an amazing gift we have been given! 

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10 lessons to live by day 10

      You pick a good day

   You do! You pick if you have a good day or a bad day! If you go around negative in the morning you will have a negative kind of day! You should wake up and think of one thing you are excited for, and thankful for, and one thing positive, it will not only become a good habit, but will seriously make your day much better!

    I dont drink coffee, but like people who swear by their coffee, I swear by this method! You can say these positive things in your head, out loud, or in front of the mirror. You will notice a lightness of your spirit throughout the day. You will see the difference, as will others. It is more than just being thankful, it sets you up for success, and puts you one step ahead of the game. 

   I get up and am so excited to go to CrossFit, so I say that. I am so excited to see what the day has for me, so I say that. I am also so blessed to get to spend time with my family today, so I say that too. These are my positives that I through out in the world, and it makes my day 100 times better. I feel so empowered by saying these as well. It is hard to describe, so you will just have to do it for your self.

  Try this! It really works! This lesson is one you can pass on to your family and friends, which will lead to a better atmosphere around you. Thank you all for reading these 10 days! I hope they help, and encourage you to live to the best version of your self. 🙂

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10 lessons to live by day 9

         Things in your life are happening as they should

   Things happen for a reason, and that reason is happening only to benefit you! If you have something bad happen to you, or something does not go the way you wanted, or you may have failed, they all have a reason for happening to you, it is not a mistake, it is the way things are meant to be!

    Often times we get angry if things don’t go the way WE had planed, the way WE wanted. Think back to a time when something like this happened to you, if you are like me, you are probably thinking “where to start?” Just think, did what ever it was that did not go your way work out in the end? Maybe not the way YOU wanted, but did it workout? For me I have noticed things workout better than anything I could have imagined! It can be crazy, stressful, hard, and may feel like you wont make it, but if you trust things will workout in your favor, and keep believing and never stop, you will make it. You wont just make it, you will thrive in anything you chose to do!

   Like the way summer always seems to come, then fall, then winter, then spring, and back around to summer, we all have good breaks, and of course bad ones as well! If we did not have bad breaks how would we know what the good ones are? How would we know what hope is? If we always got what we wanted, think about how boring life would be! You would know what to expect 100% of the time. Think back to the first time you thought “When I grow up I want to be…” What was it? Are you that now? Heck, I sure am glad I am not a ditch digger like I wanted to be when I was 5.

   Trust, things happen for a reason and they may not make sense, but sure do workout in your favor. Like a stepping stone path way, they lead you on and on to success! Believe in you, you can do anything! 

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10 lessons to live by day 8

      Don’t be so quick to judge

  My mom and I had gone to the mall today to try to find a weigh lifting bar and some bumper plates….no luck! We did however get taught a big lesson today, one that you may hear often, but when you get “tested” and have to use it, it makes you realize what is right and wrong!  


    There was a young man running up a hill past the Walgreen’s store with a store worker chasing after him. The boy looked to be 17 or 18 years old. The first words we said were, “He must have stolen something…why would someone do that? I hope he….” STOP!!!!! I thought, who am I to judge this person? I don’t know what his situation is! I don’t know why he would steal something, maybe he was hungry, or needed a tooth brush! We are so quick to judge and think we are better and above people who we judge!

   The store worker called the police, and the boy kept running! We drove off, and changed our thinking as we drove down the road,it went from, “I would never do that, that is so bad, and stupid!” To ” I hope he figures out the right things for him and his life!” If we are so quick to judge others, what does that say about us? I think we are then no better than the words we place upon the ones we are judging!

  Before you judge someone, stop and change your mind set and thinking. You would be surprised at how the negative words you put on someone quickly puts you in a bad mood! It is not hard to not judge…just the right thing to do! 

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10 lessons to live by day 7

           Always be great full….

    Always be great full for where you are now, and where you are to go! In the past two lessons we talked about defining your self and being your self, but don’t forget to be great full for what you have been given in life! We can get so caught up in our self’s, that we forget where we came from. Every now and then we get a kick in the butt letting us know how lucky we are to be here! We get a smack in the face with a reminder that we are here for a reason in this life. This lesson is so hard to remember all the time, but when we are given the kick in the butt, or the smack in the face, we quickly remember!

    I was reminded when my mom (check out her blog for the whole story…groovypaleo.wordpress.com) told me of a homeless man who she had bought some treats for today. This meant so much to us, because we were sad about how much money grocery’s costed this week, but again quickly being put back into our place by this man. We realized tonight how great full we are to have the money to buy food, how great full we are for our gifts, talents, family, friends, and this at times hard, but wonderful life we get to live.

    You see being great full is not being sad, or thinking less of your self, it is simply thinking of your self less, opening your eyes and seeing all you have. You should be proud of what you have, and attempt to give back when ever you can…..I was not there tonight when this happened, but I sure gave me the kick to get a hold of my self and quit being so selfish all the time! I hope all of you get to experience something like this, because it can put your life into perspective, and give you a whole bunch of reasons to be great full! Don’t let those opportunities to be great full pass you by! 

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10 lessons to live by day 6

     There will be many tests, make sure to define yourself!

     Don’t be afraid to take a chance, and do something different! If I would have listened to one of my earliest memories of someone telling me what I could not do, I would have never been able to have as many blessing as I have been given. In that moment, that person defined me, they said to me what my potential would be. I was about 7 years old at my first track meet, watching my friend run the mile, I gazed up and watched the amazing runners run what I considered to be a marathon at the time. The raced around the track, and ended up finishing the mile in the low 6 minute range. I looked up at the person who had brought me there, and I said, “Some day I want to be that fast!” The response  was, “you will never be that fast,” laughing and moving toward my friend to tell her good job. This is the first “test” that fueled my fire, and thus began my motivation to define my self as what I wanted to be!

   I never wanted to be a runner, I hated it because I was always told I was no good…entering High school, I quit my other sports and picked up track and field running the mile and two mile. My first mile in high school was over a 30 second PR. About 6:04…noting to write home about, but a big deal for me! In that moment I began to define my self in the joy running brought me! My second “big test” was getting Mono my sophomore year, not being able to run or be active for about six months, I could have been negative, and given up, but I defined my self character by going to the meets, helping out, and doing what I could. That next year I had gone farther than I ever had, running fast enough (12:00 for the two mile) to qualify for regional’s. I had pushed my self that year, but the fire burned through out that next year, my senior year. 

   I treated my senior year as my only chance, my last chance. I had said out loud my sophomore year that I would break the two mile record for the school, and one of my team mates told me “I have wanted that record since my freshmen year…If I cant do it, neither can you!” That was again someone defining me, and setting a limit on me! After winning districts in (11:15) then placing second in regional’s (11:14) then placing 7th at state (11:12) and breaking both the school records in the two mile and the 3000 meters. I received hundreds of recruiting letters from all over the country including community colleges, all the way to the biggest Division 1 schools, including ivy league schools. I defined my self, crushing every limit everyone put on me. About a week ago I got a major PR in the mile (5:08) and again defining my  self  as someone who would not and will not give up. I was told breaking 5:20 would be impossible for me! 

     Sorry, for all the people defining me, but not one limit, definition, test, or potential set on me has been true! I believe it is because I have not given in to it! I have not believed in it! They may want to think they can define me, but no one can, because no one is you! You may not have had the same experience that I just gave you, but I bet someone has lied to you and tried to get everything out of you by defining your. Don’t let the limits be set for you! Use it as motivation, to fuel your fire! 

     Take each test given to you as an opportunity to define you, to show your self how strong you are. Life is a battle and people will try to get in your way to try to mask your potential and make you feel small. You don’t have to believe what they say, not even for a minute! Lace up those shoes, step on the track, and do what everyone said you could not do, make it happen for you. Define your self by never giving up when it becomes difficult! A definition may change, but let it always be true to you! 

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10 lessons to live by day 5

       Don’t strive to be perfect, strive to be your self!

  I am sure we have all heard “just be your self…” Sounds easy right? You have probably been told this your whole life. You have probably been told “just be your self, and do what makes you happy no matter what it is…” 100,987 times, right? Well this is true for me! OVER, AND OVER AGAIN! It became so normal to hear this, that I never really sat down to think, “hey, yeah, this is so true! I want to be my self, and we may say it out loud but do we really do what we like? Do we really like what we do? Are we being our self’s day in and day out? Or are we trying to fit a mold everyone thinks we need to be in? Well I have decided I am done conforming! I am going to be my self, as should you…always! 

     We are in fear of not being perfect. This is why I believe we don’t reach our full potential in life. Think about it, how many times have you looked at one of those magazines with the man or women with the, (I hate to tell you the truth) Computer generated “perfect body,” and thought “oh man, they look amazing….I could never be like that, they look perfect!” My answer is yes, you will not look like them, because no one does! It is fake, they are not even their true self’s! 

   The idea that we have in our minds that we need to be perfect is a scary thought! For me, being “perfect” got me anorexia, 10% body fat, looking like an emaciated concentration camp victim! I was willing to do ANYTHING to be ” perfect!” Now I am done with this! I am letting my body get better. You don’t have to be perfect in life, if its your job, do what you know to do, if its a workout, do it to the best of your ability. If it is with your family, be there for them, and be your self, in this you will find great joy!

  Striving to be one’s self is hard! You have to keep your feet grounded, breath, and be ok with your self! Understanding, it is no ones place to put you into a mold and force you to be something you are not! We all have gifts, we all have something different to bring to the table! What a shame it would be to not get to share your gift with the world. If it is to be a great mom to your children, to be the best business man, or a great speaker, teacher, cook, doctor, or what ever it is that you do! 

   Trying to be something other than your self is so stressful, and not worth it! Be the best version of your self! Do what you  know is right. If you feel so strongly about something, then do it! Don’t let this life pass you by, embrace every opportunity! Don’t focus on the story book life style, you will feel detached, and depressed! Live everyday as you! I am now doing this, and am the happiest I have been! It is worth it, dive in with both fee and let you be you! 

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